Hi! I'm Thomas Fogarasy,
Designer and Entrepreneur.
I do, learn and teach Design.

My Interests

Designing with passion

My foremost passion lies in designing meaningful experiences, transforming services and brand to make them feel more human. Leaving the world of advertising behind, I always apply a Human Centered approach in my work and focus on finding the right balance between business goals, ethics and people's needs. I firmly believe that even humanity's greatest challenges can be solved through creativity and design.

As a web designer without any knowledge of User Experience Design, I have also failed many times in the past, learning about the importance of UX the hard way. Graduated as a graphic designer, I have studied various disciplines, eventually becoming a veteran in creating digital products and services.

Today, my focus is on improving my skills in strategic design at Exalt. As a seasoned design educator and speaker, I also like to share everything I've learned about UX, services, branding and design in general. Let's connect on LinkedIn!

Exalt Interactive - Thomas Fogarasy
UX and Interaction Design

Managing Partner at Exalt Interactive

Started out as a small UX/UI design studio, eventually evolved into a more strategic design firm working with international clients. Exalt today consists of many types of designers, growing stronger in service design.Exalt Interactive

Thomas Fogarasy - Publications, UX

Articles, publications

Thoughts, short stories mostly about the state of design and it's related fields.
Besides other platforms, I prefer to write these on Medium

Thomas Fogarasy - Presentations, Speeches, UX

Public Speaking and workshops

Occasional design workshops and public speaking. I love to share my thoughts about user experience, branding, design thinking, innovation and design education. Some of my slides can be found on Slideshare.net