Hi! I'm Thomas Fogarasy,
Designer and Entrepreneur.
I do, learn and teach IxD.

My Interests

Designing with passion

Being a Designer who graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, I have studied many disciplines of visual communication, eventually becoming a specialist in creating application interfaces.
Yet, as a web designer without any knowledge of User Experience Design, I have also failed quite a few times in the past, learning about the importance of usability the hard way.

Today, I focus on improving my skills in Design Leadership at Exalt Interactive and grow in UX Design, while always maintaining the perspective of a Graphic Designer.

My foremost passion lies in designing usable and likeable interfaces, as well as planning product and brand communications to make them more human. Leaving the cold world of advertising behind, I always try to apply a User Centered Design process in my work and focus on peoples' real needs. I firmly believe that Humanity's smallest and greatest problems can be solved through creativity and design thinking. I also love to share everything I have learned about Interaction Design, Emotion Design, empathy and design in general.
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Exalt Interactive - Thomas Fogarasy
UX and Interaction Design

CEO and Creative Director at Exalt Interactive

At our recently founded company, we are super-exited to create new web and mobile application designs, prototypes. We are working hard to establish our name as user experience design and interaction design (IxD) professionals and provide the best service to various clients. Exalt Interactive


Product Design Consultancy at Brandlift

An outstanding digital agency were I spent some years as a Senior Art Director. I'm still on the advisory board to do product design and UX consultancy in their product development division. Brandlift creates online campaigns, builds branded mobile apps and manages social presence for global brands. brandlift.eu

Look and Feel

Look & Feel

I am also a Design and UX Advisor at Look & Feel, a small web design studio focusing on high-quality web development only.
Look & Feel.hu

Thomas Fogarasy - Presentations, Speeches, UX

Public Speaking

Occasional presentations and public speaking. I love to speak about emotion design, User experience, empathic thinking, microinteractions, and brand communication in b2b or b2c applications.
Some of my talks can be found on Slideshare.net